Rome Airport to City Center
Rome Airport to City Center
Rome Airport to City Center

Rome Airport to City Center

Transportation from and to the airport Fiumicino of Rome

Every year, millions of tourists visit Italy’s capital city of Rome with a journey that begins when their flight lands at Rome–Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino International Airport, also referred to as RCO, which is its International Air Transport Association code. The city offers something for everyone, including centuries-old history, first-class wine and food, activities and much more.

To get from the airport to downtown, you will need to rely on transportation because the terminals are located just under 20 miles (or 32 kilometers) from the city.

No matter your budget, you should be able to find something affordable for making the trip into Rome because there are a number of options available at the airport. You can select among taking a bus, riding the train, getting a taxi or hiring a rental car. All four methods have their own pros and cons, so keep reading to learn which approach is the best for your situation.

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Getting a taxi

Taxis are a convenient way for getting between the airport and Rome, and you can find the taxi pickup area located outside the arrivals section in Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.

Benefits of taking a Rome airport taxi include being taken directly to your hotel or other location. The trip should take about 30 minutes depending on traffic, although you may have a few minutes or waiting time before a taxi picks you up. Also, you’ll only have to share the car with the driver and your traveling companions, and your luggage will be safely stowed in the trunk.

Although Rome taxis use meters and charge fares based on how far you travel, there are some fixed fares available for trips from the airport to the city. For example, a one-way journey from to the center of Rome within the city’s Aurelian Walls will cost you €50 including all fees.

If you have the Uber ridesharing app on your phone, you can use this instead of getting a taxi. Just open the app once you’ve landed and type in your destination in the city, and you’ll be shown the projected cost of the trip. Compare it to the fixed fares for the taxi rides to help you determine whether it will be cheaper to get in a taxi or to use Uber for the journey.

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Riding the train

Taking the train can be a relaxing and quick way to get into Rome from the airport, and there should be plenty of seats and luggage space available when making this journey.

The train station is situated near to the airport terminals, with signs directing you to it, where you can choose from one of two options. The first is the Leonardo express, which is a non-stop ride to Rome’s Termini station departing every 15 minutes and with a travel time of 32 minutes. The second is the FL1 train line that leaves every 15 minutes on weekdays or 30 minutes on weekends or public holidays, and this takes longer because there are more stops on the way.

You can buy tickets for either train in advance on Trenitalia’s website or from the self-service machines or ticket offices located within the airport. The cost of your ticket will vary widely based on which service you use, and it can range anywhere from under €10 to over €40.

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Taking a bus

Multiple bus lines operate from the airport with routes heading into Rome, with stops along the way at various destinations. It can be a great idea to research the various bus companies before your flight so that you can find a route with a stop that’s fairly close to where you’re staying.

There are two bus stations at the airport, the first is the regional Cotral station by the arrivals area of Terminal 1, which has buses stopping at the main subway stations in Rome: Cornelai, Magliana, Ostia, Termini and Tiburtina. You can purchase tickets from authorized news kiosks within the airport, or you can also buy them on board but a small fee will apply. Expect to pay between €5 and €7 for a one-way trip, with the exact price depending on your destination.

The other station is located by Terminal 3’s arrivals section where buses are operated by Airport Bus-Schiaffini, Sit Bus Shuttle, T.A.M Bus Srl and Terravision. Use an internet search to learn about the companies’ various schedules, as there are different routes available. Buses operate roughly 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you’ll always be able to find a ride.

This can be the slowest way to make the trip into Rome given the number of stops that the bus will make, so you should plan on the ride taking at least 45 minutes to an hour or longer.

You will also be sharing the bus with other fliers so luggage space could be restricted and it might be hard to find seats if you’re traveling at an especially busy time of day.

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Hiring a rental car

For maximum privacy, you could rent a car at the airport and you’ll only share this vehicle with your travel companions, with your bags secure in the trunk. Renting a car also gives you total flexibility as you can drive anywhere at any time, heading directly to your destinations.

But this is the most expensive of the various transportation methods by far, and you’ll not only pay for the number of days you rent the car but also have to refuel it as necessary. The exact price will depend on which rental car company you use as well as the type of car you pick.

The rental companies at Rome Airport are Autovia, Avis-Budget, Europcar, Goldcar, Hertz-Thrifty-Dollar, Italy Car Rental, Drivalia, Locauto-Enterprise-National-Alamo, Maggiore, Noleggiare, OK Mobility, Rent4u, Rental Plus, Sicily By Car-Auto Europa and Sixt.

All of the companies have kiosks located in Office Tower 2, which is connected to the arrivals section of the airport via a walkway, with signs in the terminal pointing the way.

A more affordable alternative to renting a car for several days is using a car sharing service, where you pay to have your own vehicle for a limited amount of time – for example, to make the drive from the airport into the center of Rome. E+ Drivalia, Enjoy and Share Now all provide this service, and they’re located on the top floor of Terminal 1’s short term stay car park.

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Rome Airport to City Center FAQ

You can take a public bus, get a taxi, rent a car or take a train for the journey.

Taking a taxi or renting a car are the best choices if you are traveling with many bags or in a large group, because you’ll have the vehicle’s trunk for storing them. Space for luggage on the trains and buses can be limited, especially if there are many other people on board.

The lowest cost choice is taking a bus for a price between €5 and €7 for a one-way trip, with the next cheapest being the train at a cost between under €10 and over €40.

It depends on your destination in the city or beyond because there are some fixed fares from the airport, for example a flat charge of €50, inclusive of all fees, if you are getting dropped off within Rome’s Aurelian Walls. But other journeys will be charged based on distance using the taxi’s meter, and the further you travel, the more expensive your fare will be.

Yes, the ridesharing Uber service is available at Rome Airport, all you need to do is open the Uber app on your smartphone or other device then type in your destination in the city and order the ride, then follow the directions on the app to where you’ll get picked up at the airport.

If you take a taxi or rent a car then it should take about 30 minutes depending on the traffic levels. The non-stop Leonardo express train will take about 32 minutes while the regular FL1 train will take longer, and a bus can take between 45 minutes to 1 hour based on the route.

You can either purchase your bus ticket from a news kiosk inside the airport or you can simply buy the ticket on board the bus, although this will include a small surcharge.

Yes, you should be able to use at least one of the various transportation options at the airport no matter what time your flight lands, for example buses operate 24 hours a day, all week.