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Information For Using Trains From Rome Airport

Fiumicino Airport has its own train station with connections to Rome and elsewhere, and tickets can cost much less than taking a taxi or renting your own car. The travel time is also fairly short, taking about 30 minutes to get from the airport to the city center Termini Station. For these reasons, many travelers find taking the train to Rome to be the best option.

To find the train station, once you’re at the airport and have your bags, head to Terminal 3 and follow the signs for the station, the walk should take between 10 and 15 minutes.

Once you’re at the station you will be able to choose taking either the cheaper, but slower, regional trains or the faster, but more expensive, Leonardo Express. There’s a third option called the Frecciargento which is only advisable if you’re traveling beyond Rome.

Rome Airport Trains

Leonardo Express

Leonardo Express Train

This train is a dedicated direct service connecting the airport to Termini Station with no stops in-between. Because it doesn’t stop anywhere else, the journey time is quick at roughly 32 minutes, and it’s available from 6.23am until 11.23pm every day.

Trains usually run every 15 minutes from the airport to Rome (although sometimes every 30 minutes), so you should not have to wait too long for a ride into the city.

The fare is €14 and you can buy tickets at the train station, and children aged 4 and under travel for free. This makes it a much cheaper option than the €48 flat rate for taxis.

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Regional trains

Regional Train Fiumicino Airport
Regional Train Fiumicino Airport

If the Leonardo Express is too expensive, or if you’re not in a great hurry to get in to Rome, then an alternative option is to take one of the regional FL1 trains servicing the airport.

You catch these trains at the same station, and it will stop at the stations for Trastevere, Ostiense, Tuscolana, and Tiburtina in Rome. Because of these extra stops the journey will take almost 1 hour, compared to the roughly 30-minute trip on the Leonardo Express to Termini Station. But the benefit is that those stations might be closer to your destination that Termini Station, so taking the regional train could work out as the most convenient option.

You can typically catch one of these trains every 15 minutes during busy periods, or every 30 minutes during quieter periods Mondays through Saturdays, and every 30 minutes on Sundays. They start running at 5.58am and finish operating at 10.28pm Mondays through Saturdays, while on Sundays the trains begin running at 6am and stop at 11pm.

These trains are almost half the cost of the Leonardo Express, with a one-way ticket costing €8. And children aged 4 and under also travel for free on these trains.


Trenitalia Frecciargento Train

The Frecciargento is a high speed train service operating throughout Italy that includes a stop at Fiumicino Airport but is usually not considered as a great way to get to Rome. That’s because the journey time to Rome is about the same at for the Leonardo Express, yet the train is more expensive at €17 for a standard class ticket and €20 for a first class ticket. Instead, this is the best option if you are traveling further north to places like Florence or Venice. But if you would like to experience this train, it leaves the airport daily at 11.08am and 3.08pm.