Rome Airport Lounges
Rome Airport Lounges
Rome Airport Lounges

Rome Airport Lounges

Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport Lounges

For travelers coming to and from Rome, there’s a strong chance you’ll be passing through Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport because it has great connections to countries around the world. And as one of Europe’s busiest airports, it also has all the modern facilities that tourists are looking for — including several lounges you can use to help pass your waiting time.

Airport lounges are a great break from the stress of flying because they typically offer a dedicated area with comfy seats, television and other entertainment like tablets, reading materials, light snacks and other food and drink, and sometimes more. But for many years these lounges were reserved exclusively for elite members of airlines’ loyalty programs.

Thankfully over the last decade or so a handful of airlines have opened up their lounges to passengers traveling on their flights who are not elite members but who are willing to pay to access a lounge for the day. And Rome Airport also offers a few lounges for travelers on economy tickets who can similarly buy access to the facilities while in the airport.

Check out the guide below for further details on the lounges available at Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport including their terminal location, price, services, and more. Treat yourself on your next Italian vacation to a little bit of extra rest and relaxation before your flight and find out why an increasing number of travelers are taking advantage of these great lounges.

HelloSky Lounge

HelloSky Lounge
HelloSky Lounge

This is one of the only lounges that is not located within Terminal 3; you’ll find it by following the signs for “Arrival Lounge,” while most other lounges at the airport are in the Terminal 3 building. For those people who like to be near their flight’s departing gate you might want to consider other lounges, but for travelers on a budget this lounge is a great option.

You can use the HelloSky Lounge on a first-come, first-serve basis but if they are at capacity you will not be able to get in. The basic entry fee covers the following services: magazines, newspapers, televisions, flight information screens, and Wi-Fi.

Additional services including showers, alcohol, and private rooms with beds are available to purchase at the lounge. There are 29 total rooms that offer a place that can rent on schedules that vary from several hours to more than one day, giving you somewhere private to sleep, change and wash before checking in for your flight at the airport.

Price: €8 per person

— Relaxation space
— Free WiFi
— Multilanguage staff
— Flight information
— News and magazines

Price: €8 per person Plus (20€)

— All HelloSky services
— Open Food and Beverage Buffet

Hours: 7am to 9pm
Location: Opposite Terminal 3
Tel: +34 935 088 003 HelloSky Headquarters
(Mon – Fri from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m.)
Tel: +39 0697150200 HelloSky Roma (24/7)

Passenger Lounge

Passenger Lounge Fiumicino
Passenger Lounge Fiumicino

There are at least two places at Rome Airport known as Passenger Lounges; one is open to all passengers no matter which airline they’re traveling with or which destination they’re going to. The second is restricted to passengers whose flights are leaving from the E gates. But both of these lounges offer decent quality services at an affordable rate.

  • Passenger Lounge (D3 gate)

This lounge is open to all air travelers regardless of where they’re flying. It has a sleek, modern interior with plenty of space to stretch out and relax, decorated in shades of brown, white and blue. Included with the entry free you’ll get a large range of amenities that include televisions, Wi-Fi, food and drink (including alcohol), newspapers and other reading material.

Price: €30 per person, free for children ages 3 and under
Hours: 5.30am to 8.30pm
Location: Terminal 3 by D gates

  • Passenger Lounge (E gates)

This lounge can only be used by travelers who are ticketed for international flights out of the E gates in Terminal 3, but otherwise there are no restrictions. It has many of the same amenities as the D3 gate lounge with the added bonus of showers so that you can wash before your flight, and a play area for children so they can enjoy that ahead of boarding the aircraft.

Price: €30 per person, free for children ages 3 and under
Hours: 6.15am to 11.15pm
Location: Terminal 3 by E gates

Plaza Premium Lounge

Plaza Premium
Plaza Premium Lounge

Travelers can expect to pay a higher premium for access to the Plaza Premium Lounge, but they in exchange they will be treated to one of the largest and most elaborate lounges on offer at the airport. There are more than 300 different types of seats throughout this huge space, as well as private work areas with desks in case you need to work on business matters.

Included in the basic entry price is access to a wide range of services including food and drinks, newspapers, magazines and many other types of reading materials from around the world, charging stations for your electronic devices, free Wi-Fi, and more.

For those people looking to rinse off before or after their flight, the Plaza Premium Lounge also offer well-maintained showers to use in a reserved area. This is a popular service and you need to reserve your time in the showers if you’d like to use them while in the lounge.

Price: €37 per person for three hours, free for children ages 2 and under
Hours: Open 24 hours
Location: Terminal 3 by E gates

Casa Alitalia

Casa Alitalia Fiumicino Airport
Casa Alitalia Fiumicino Airport

There are four versions of this lounge available for travelers; you’ll find one of them in Terminal 1 while the other three are all in Terminal 3. Regardless of which of these lounges that you end up deciding to use you will be impressed by their quality and services on offer. Unfortunately, it can only be used by passengers who are traveling on an Alitalia-ticketed flight.

Inside each lounge is a comfortable space to unwind and enjoy things like great food and drink (including alcoholic beverages), free Wi-Fi, showers, and more. These lounges are particularly useful for business travelers because they have extensive work areas available for such needs, including things like desktop computers and printers, as well as other services.

Price: €35 but you must be traveling on an Alitalia ticket
Hours: Vary depending on lounge, usually open from early morning to late night
Location: Terminal 1 by check-in, Terminal 3 by D and E gates