Rome Airport Terminals
Rome Airport Terminals
Rome Airport Terminals

Rome Airport Terminals

Know Before You Fly

Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, commonly known just as Rome Airport, is a huge complex of terminals and other buildings that handles tens of millions of passengers every year on their way to and from the Italian city. It is one of Europe’s busiest airports as it also handles connections to a host of destinations across the continent and the globe.

The airport opening in 1961 and its lengthy name is based on the town of Fiumicino that it’s located near, as well as the famous Italian Leonardo da Vinci. When it first opened the airport had two runways but as its popularity grew, so did the size of the facility. It now boasts four runways that process flights from within Italy and many locations internationally.

The number of terminals open to the public has fluctuated over the years, and the airport has also undergone a number of other changes since its opening. Check out the guide below for important information on the terminals at Rome Airport, including how to connect between the terminals that are still open, and which terminals are no longer in operation.

Transferring Between Rome Airport’s Terminals

Three of the terminal buildings at Rome Airport — Terminals 1 through 3 — have direct connections between themselves so you can simply walk to get from one terminal to another. Note however that Terminal 2 is permanently closed so no flights leave from it.

Getting to Terminal 5 requires a little bit more work because it is not directly connected to any of the first three terminals. Instead, you should use the airport’s complementary shuttle bus that will take you from Terminals 1 through 3 to Terminal 5. This free services operates every 15 minutes throughout the year, and also picks up and drops off at the airport’s parking section.


See more information about the Terminals at Rome Airport below:

Rome Airport Terminal 1 (active)

Rome Airport Terminal 1 only handles domestic and Schengen flights.

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Rome Airport Terminal 2 (Closed)

Rome Airport Terminal 2 is permanently closed due to the expansion project of Terminal 1.

Rome Airport Terminal 3 (active)

Rome Airport Terminal 3 is the largest Terminal in Rome Airport and operates with domestic flights, Schengen and Non-Schengen flights

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Rome Airport Terminal 5 (Closed)

Rome Airport Terminal 5 is permanently closed due renovation.

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