Rome Airport Parking
Rome Airport Parking
Rome Airport Parking

Rome Airport Parking

Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport’s Parking Facilities

Most tourists flying to visit Rome will use Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, commonly known as Rome Airport. For many people once they arrive or are ready to leave they will travel using either public transportation or private hire vehicles like taxis. But if you need to drive your own vehicle to the airport then you’re in luck because it has excellent parking facilities.

Whether you’re driving a car or a motorcycle, and whether you need short-term parking for a brief visit to the airport or long-term parking over several days while you’re on travel, Rome Airport has you covered. But there are several important things to know about parking, including prices, free parking when picking up passengers, and more.

Check out the guide below for some of the top tips and other vital pieces of information on parking at Rome Airport so that you can effortlessly plan your trip ahead of time.

Free Parking

If you’re simply coming to the airport to pick someone up or drop them off then you can park free for up to 30 minutes. Head to the main multi-level parking lot and look for these complementary parking spots on Floor 0. You’ll find 80 free parking spaces at this parking lot near Terminal 1, and an additional 160 free parking spaces near Terminal 3.

One-Hour Parking

If you only need parking for less than 60 minutes, you should use the one-hour parking spaces. These are designated by blue lines on the road outside of the terminal buildings by the departure and arrival sections. The fare is €3 which gives you one hour of parking, and you can get buy your ticket from any of the automated meters next to the blue parking spaces. Be sure to display your parking ticket in your car’s windshield so airport staff will know you have paid.

Disabled Parking

For those travelers with disabilities, Rome Airport offers dedicated parking spaces at its parking lots. In order to use a disabled parking spot you will have to bring a permit for disabled parking as well as the disabled passenger’s ticket for their flight.

You can use the disabled parking bays for up to two hours.

The disabled parking can be found in the following areas: Zone A except floors 1 and 2, Zones B and C on floor 1 only, Zone D on floor 4 only, and in the long-term parking lot.

Short-Term Parking

If you need a short-term parking spot for a few hours then you will find these spaces in the parking lots for Zones A through D. There are precisely 4,500 spaces available, and rates for parking in this area begin at €8 for the first day and increase after that.

Should you be riding a motorcycle to the airport instead of a car, you will have to use a separate entrance to the short-term parking lot which can be found in Zone A. If you park in this area you will be able to access the airport terminals by using a nearby walkway.

Long-Term Parking

For those travelers going on longer journeys who will need to park their cars for many days or even weeks, Rome Airport offers thousands of long-term parking spaces.

The airport provides a complementary shuttle bus that will take you from the terminals to the long-term parking lot. This shuttle operates from the hours of 5am through to 1am and is scheduled to service the airport at five minute intervals so you’ll never have long to wait. If you arrive in the hours when the shuttle is not running regularly, look for an intercom system. You can use this to request a shuttle, but expect to wait longer than five minutes.

Once you’re at the long-term parking lot you will find more than 4,000 parking spaces in total, almost evenly split between those that are covered and those that are not covered. If you are not concerned about the potential for your vehicle to be rained on while you’re away then you can opt for an uncovered slot. There is no price difference between the two types of space.

Prices will vary depending on for how long you need the long-term parking spot, but you can expect to pay about €20 for each day that your vehicle is in the parking lot.

Executive Parking

For an extra charge you could also consider using Rome Airport’s executive parking service, with the higher price paying for several perks including priority check-in.

The executive parking area is available for Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, and once you have parked your car you can simply walk to the terminals to check in for your flight. Valets can also take care of parking your car for you, and they can also refuel your vehicle on request. Other additions include a free newspaper and coffee, among various other benefits.

Another good reason for using the executive parking area is that you will get access to priority security processing once in the airport, which can be great if the security lines are particularly long. Note that this priority queue only applies for hand luggage and not for checked bags.

Pink Parking

Rome Airport also provides parking spaces reserved solely for use by new mothers, women who are pregnant, and other female travelers. You can find these pink parking spaces on floor 3 of the multi-level short-term parking building and also in the long-term parking area.

In total you’ll find 28 pink parking spaces that are larger than the average parking slot at the airport. This is deliberate and is designed to make it easier for the unloading and loading of baby pushchairs and other items, so that the parking process is a lot less stressful.

In addition to the 28 expanded-size parking spaces available, Rome Airport also has 52 regular-sized parking slots that can only be used by females.

In recognition of potential threats to woman, these parking spaces are monitored constantly throughout the day by cameras. There is also a system for making emergency calls.