Uber Rome Airport

Uber Rome Airport


Rome: a city of romance, tantalizing cuisine, and iconic narrow passage ways and thoroughfares. As you plan for your getaway to this wonderful Italian city many things probably come to mind on your mental checklist: where to stay, what historical landmarks to visit, what restaurants are authentic, and how early is it socially acceptable to eat gelato?! Once you research and mentally check these items off your list, it’s time to start thinking about other important details to consider such as transportation.

Can I Uber in Rome?

If you’ve searched Google or Pinterest for advice on catching an Uber in Rome you’ve probably come across the phrases of “Uber” and “illegal” in at least once search find. Or if you have traveled to Rome recently, especially as an English speaker, you may have encountered a taxi driver telling you that Uber is illegal in Rome. However rest assured that Uber is completely legal and accessible in Rome!

Why are people saying Uber is illegal?

Two reasons – one is that in the beginning Uber was not available in the country of Italy due to the taxi companies and drivers protests. Since then two cities, Milan and Rome, have granted access to Uber to be accessible in their city with some restrictions (which we will get into further down). The second is that this issue is not just special to Rome, but it is in fact an issue for many cities across the world. Traditional taxi drivers are threatened by the competing business which markets lower prices and more accessible fares for passengers. Therefore, there is sometimes misleading information from taxi drivers to discourage tourists to use all ride share app.

One reason why transportation providers, such as traditional taxi drivers, have been so upset by ride sharing apps like Uber coming into their town is due to Uber driver’s ability to bypass some of the expensive fees and licenses that are required for these companies. To drive patrons and riders in Rome, drivers need to have a registered license which takes many months to obtain, an exam, and also an impressive bit of money. Uber drivers are able to bypass the special license, exam and fees via the Uber app. For these reasons, it has obviously upset many companies in the city.

What type of Uber service is available in Rome?

In order to protect the taxi companies and drivers, Rome has made traditional or more basic Uber driving unavailable in the city. There are three types of Uber services available:

Uber BlackBlack cars with professional drivers for 1-4 people
Uber LuxPremium rides with luxury cars for 1-4 people
Uber VanVans with professional drivers for 1-7 people
uber rome airport to city cost: 60 euro

How can I book an Uber in Rome?

To book a ride with Uber in Rome, you can use the app like you would in any other city.

  1. Download the Uber app from your Google Play or App Store.
  2. Create an account – you will need an email address, phone number, and a form ofpayment.
  3. Open the app when you’re ready to book a ride and click on the ‘Where to?” box.
  4. Type in the address or location you’d like to go.
  5. Confirm your pick up location.
  6. Track your driver – you can track their arrival in real time, and when they appear to begetting close go outside to meet them at your designated pick up location.
  7. Safety first – check your ride! Always, always, always check that the vehicle you’regetting into matches your Uber in the app.
    a. Make sure it’s the right make/model of the vehicle
    b. Compare the license plate to make sure they match
    c. Make sure they have an ‘Uber’ sticker or light in their car d. Don’t give your name, ask for the name of the driver first
  8. If you feel comfortable and the Uber in front of you matches what is in your app, then you’re ready to ride.

a. Extra safety tip: Uber now has a ‘share my ride’ feature in which you can send your ride to a friend or family member so they can live time track your journey too

  1. Enjoy the ride.
  2. When you get to your destination, depending on your region, you have options to payvia credit card on file or Uber Cash.
  3. Don’t forget to rate your trip! You can give your driver a compliment or add a tip if you’dlike.

How does Uber partner with cities?

According to Uber.com, the company strives to partner with cities to build positive relationships with officials, local transportation companies and riders. “Our goal is to serve as a model for others to improve quality of life and build smarter, more efficient cities in the future” is the company’s proclamation on its webpage. Some of the ways they claim to accomplish this is through three pillars:

Uber Movement: data sharing with urban planners and government officials to help inform their decisions on creating infrastructure and transit for the future.

Road Safety: Uber claims to help prevent drunk driving and other unsafe driving behaviors to make the road safer for more people.

Supporting cities: Uber claims to help reduce carbon emissions by ride sharing, increasing pubic transit, and helping local officials create better cities.

More information about Uber’s civic responsibilities can be found here.

Uber or Not?

There are many ways to get around in Rome such as walking, public buses, the metro, private chauffer services, traditional taxi’s and ride sharing services like Uber. Uber is absolutely available, though it may be slightly higher than you’re used due to the restrictions of the higher end luxury vehicles. You can easily download the app and find an Uber for your travels or take other routes of transportation. The most important thing to remember is to be wise and safe about your surroundings and your comfort level while using transportation in any city, so use caution but enjoy the adventures of life.

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