Rome Airport Hotels

Hotels near Near Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport

Many people coming to or leaving the Italian city of Rome will do so through Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino airport, usually simply referred to as Rome Airport, without wanting to stay for very long. But some travelers have need of hotel accommodation near the airport for a variety of reasons, from waiting there to meet people or for somewhere to stay during a sleepover. Thankfully Rome Airport offers a number of nearby hotels that range in what they offer and what they charge, giving travelers a good mix of options to choose from depending on their needs and budget. And it’s also fairly easy to get to the city from each hotel either by public or private transportation, so you could always make a day trip to Rome if staying in this area.

Check out the guide below for more details on the different hotels located within the vicinity of the airport, including food and drink options, amenities, and more.

HelloSky Lounge

This is not what you’d expect from the typical definition of a hotel, and is actually a large lounge with private bedrooms to rent located across from Rome Airport’s Terminal 1. The general lounge area has chairs and tables along with free Wi-Fi and other services available for a flat fee. But it also offers rooms that you can rent by the hour or day that feature either a single bed or a double bed, as well as a bathroom in each room that includes a shower.

But its convenience cannot be beaten, so if you like to be very close to the airport before your flight then this is your best option for quick access to the terminals.

Tel: +39 06 9715 0200

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Hilton Rome Airport

Another hotel located in close proximity to the terminals is the Hilton Rome Airport, which is connected by a short walkway that takes about five minutes to cross.

A perk of staying at the Hilton Rome Airport is that it’s a great place for getting into the city for a few hours. This can be a fun option is you are doing a one-night stay and have plenty of time to kill. The hotel offers a complementary shuttle that will drive you into Rome in just over 30 minutes. Alternatively, you could pay to ride the public train from the airport to the city for a journey that will take the same amount of time — though the shuttle is free.

Tel: +39 06 65258

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Hilton Garden in Rome Airport

This is another Hilton brand hotel that serves Rome Airport, and there is a free shuttle provided by the hotel that will take you to and from the terminals. Unlike the Hilton Rome Airport, the Garden Inn does not offer a free shuttle into the center of the city. If you’d like to visit Rome during your stay then you will have to pay for a train from the airport station.

Expect prices here to be somewhat lower than at the Hilton Rome Airport, with rooms designed in a modern style and featuring televisions, free Wi-Fi, and private bathrooms.

Tel: +39 06 6525 9000

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Comfort Hotel Fiumicino City

Travelers on a budget might want to consider this hotel, which is located roughly 3 miles (about 5 kilometers) from Rome Airport. Although the distance is further than the HelloSky lounge or either Hilton hotel, you’ll find it prices are generally cheaper than those options.

Each room has full air conditioning and comes with standard features like a coffee making device, television, and private bathroom. Many include a balcony that looks over the hotel’s well-maintained garden, which can be a nice perk if you’re staying here.

Tel: +39 06 6502 9681

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Hotel Isola Sacra Rome Airport

Located a short distance from Rome Airport, it will take you about five minutes to get here from the airport and the hotel provides a complementary shuttle bus for the journey. The hotel itself is beautifully designed with a large garden to admire as well as a swimming pool outside to enjoy as a leisure activity. On-site you’ll also find a first-class restaurant, as well as other dining options including outside by the garden in the warmer months.

Rooms come with the standard features like private bathrooms and televisions, and several of them have been refurbished with upgraded furniture and hardwood floors.

Tel: +39 06 6502 9864

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