Rome Airport - Fiumicino -Leonardo da Vinci- Guide
Rome International Airport - Taxi Service

At the Airport use only the yellow or white taxis. Make sure the metre is running and if not, settle on a fare before you leave the airport. Travel time will be 40 to 60 minutes.

-Tipping of 5-10% is gratefully received. Rome Airport Taxi Reservations

Rome Airport Taxi - Tips

Some private citizens dress up their cars to look like cabs. These people strategically locate themselves at airports and railway stations waiting for travelers. Beware of operators who don't display a licensed meter and ID. Use only authorized taxis (vehicles with a taximeter) that are available in the arrivals areas of the terminals. Also, some airport employees may direct you to a 'Taxi' driver if you ask where you find them when you are inside the airport terminal. The 'Taxi' could end up being a Mercedes limo, costing you double the fare of a real taxi, and a tricky situation to get out of as your luggage is locked away in the limo's trunk.
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