Various services offered by the Fiumicino airport of Rome


The parking area at the passenger station B (Terminal B) comprises 128 parking places, against 32 of the parking area of the passenger station A (Terminal A). . Moreover, the airport has a multi-storey parking A-B-C-D that offers 3701 parking places and is connected to the airport with pedestrian crossings. People with disabilities can park outside the passenger stations A, B, C and outside Departures for a period that does not exceed 2 hours. For a longer period, dedicated parking places exist in the multi-storey parking, at level 1 in buildings B, C, D and at level 4 in building D.

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Professional facilities

In the Fiumicino airport you will find the Atahotel Executive Centre, which offers spots with internet connection, fax machines, photocopiers and a post-office.


In the airport you will find automated teller machines (ATMs) and currency exchange offices.

Tourist Information Office

There is also a tourist information office, where you can seek information on anything you wish to know concerning Rome and Italy.

First Aid

A First Aid station is available, as well as a medical doctor, who can help if needed.


There are duty-free shops in the airport’s passenger station C. You will also find stores like Roma Travel Shop, Fabriano, Venchi, Imaginarium, Tendenze, Tutto-All-Items and Riva.

In passenger station A you will find many restaurants and coffee shops, like Mc Donalds, Pizza Chef, Harry’s Bar, Gran Chef Ristorante, Sport Village Cafe and Bar Tazza d’Oro. In passenger station B are located the Ciao, Spizzico, Sandwich Cafe, Transiti Cafe and in passenger station C the Panoramic, Gran Cafe Goodbye Roma, Gran Cafe Panorama, Frescobaldi Wine Bar êáé The Duck & Dog’s Pub.


Dedicated Small Smoking Room in Modern Airport of Rome,
Dedicated Small Smoking Room with capacity of 8 people in Fiumicino Airport

While the airport is strictly non-smoking there are seven smoking lounges inside the airport, most of them located near boarding areas to allow for a quick cigarette before boarding. Fiumicino Airport is dedicated to preventing passive smoking so the smoking lounges are well built to ensure other passengers aren’t affected.


Terminal 1

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Terminal 2

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Terminal 3

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Terminal 5

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Airlines Lounges

British Airways has its lounge on the 2nd floor of Terminal C. Alitalia has lounges in all 3 passenger stations, Air France on the 3rd floor of Terminal B, Italitour in Terminal C and Cisalpina on the 1st floor of Terminal A. In Departures, in Terminal A, there is a lounge for people with disabilities (Sala Amica) that is managed by Alitalia and where the other airlines also make reservations.

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