Trastevere in Rome

Planning Your Trip To Trastevere, Rome

Trastevere Rome
Trastevere Rome

If you’re one of the millions of people who are planning to visit the fantastic Italian capital city of Rome for a vacation each year, it’s important to know the best parts to explore so that you can make the most of all the fun activities, high class shops, first rate food and drink establishments and places to stay — and one area that has it all is the Trastevere neighborhood.

Trastevere is the 13th of Rome’s riones, which is a term that refers to administrative divisions of the city. You’ll find it on the west bank of the Tiber River, which is the third largest waterbody in Italy and one that flows through Rome. It history dates back centuries, and even today the area has a charming appearance with narrow cobbled streets surrounded by ancient buildings.

It’s a fun place to simply stroll around and admire the history, but there are also many interesting things to see and do in Trastevere. Check out the helpful guide below for more details on some of the best places to stay in the neighborhood, along with a list of activities you can do in the area, including recommendations on some great restaurants.

What To Do In Trastevere

From religious buildings to great restaurants, and from boutique shops to interesting museums, there’s plenty to explore in Trastevere. Read below for some of the highlights.

  • Orto Botanico dell’Università di Roma La Sapienza”

Nature lovers are going to want to pay a visit to this botanical garden, which has a wonderful assortment of plants and trees from around the world for a truly one-of-a-kind appearance. The garden was launched in 1883 and has grown to house more than 3,000 varieties. The garden is open every day of the week and for a small fee to get inside you will be rewarded with captivating sights like a large Japanese garden, groves of bamboo, greenhouses, and more.

  • La Chiesa di Santa Cecilian

If you’re interested in Rome’s rich religious history then you should pay a visit to this church, was built in the 400s and is dedicated to Saint Cecilia, music’s patron saint. The building houses an interesting sculpture of the saint kept inside a glass container so that visitors can see it. Inside you’ll also see some amazing fresco artwork, among other attractions. The church is still in use today and there is a monastery next door so be respectful when visiting.

  • Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere

Another must-see religious spot is this basilica, which is considered to be among the oldest churches in Rome. The building is believed to date back to at least the early fourth century but perhaps even before that. As such it has centuries of history to show off to visitors, including fantastic artwork and sculptures. Tourists are welcome from 7.30am to 9pm each day but only residents are allowed to attend mass, so you cannot visit when that is taking place.

  • Piazza Trilussa

Of course, sometimes it’s nice on vacation to simply sit back and watch the world go by. Piazza Trilussa is a great place to do that, because it’s a public square where locals often get together to talk and relax. You can get a great sense of what daily life is like by watching the comings and goings here, and be sure to get a picture at the big fountain in the center of the piazza.

  • L’Isola Tiberina

This island, known as Tiber Island in English, sits in the middle of the river that cuts through the Trastevere neighborhood. It’s small but houses some interesting historical buildings including a church and a hospital. But the main reason that people like to visit it is that it is the location of several fun festivals throughout the year, from food festivals to concerts and more. Check in advance online to see if you can time your visit to Rome for a festival that might interest you.

  • Museo di Roma in Trastevere

Built in 1977, this museum primarily displays art in the Roman style created by artists from the 1700s through to the mid-1900s. It features permanent exhibits as well as temporary exhibits, so no matter how many times you visit you are likely to discover something new. It was briefly closed before reopening in 2000 and has been upgraded for an even better visitor experience.

  • Flea market at Porta Portese

If you’re looking for a truly unique souvenir to take home from your trip to Trastevere, try exploring the flea market that takes place on Sundays at Porta Portese. This huge market, which runs from 7am to 2pm, has vendors offering all manner of goods including art, antiques, clothing, books and much more. A good tip to remember when visiting the flea market is that many of the people selling her prefer that you pay cash and few, if any, will take credit cards.

Where To Stay In Trastevere

If you’re planning on visiting Trastevere with the intention of spending much of your time in the neighborhood you are in luck because it has many wonderful places where you can stay. Whether you’re looking for a hotel or a rental, there’s something to fit every need and budget.

Some of the most popular places to stay can sell out far in advance, so it’s recommended to quickly take care of booking your accommodation once you have purchased your travel tickets.

  • Hotels

Because the neighborhood maintains its historic charm, it has retained many of the centuries-old buildings that are not large enough to host huge hotels. As a result, most of the hotels that you will be able to stay at are on the smaller side, so you should not expect huge rooms. Some of the venues might also have outdated amenities, such as air conditioning that is not the most effective. These are factors to bear in mind as you browse through the list of hotels where you could possibly stay.

Here’s a selection of some of the hotels in Trastevere that are of decent quality and offer affordable prices for tourists looking for convenient accommodation in the neighborhood:

Hotel Donna Camilla Savelli
Address: Via Garibaldi, 27, 00153 Rome
Telephone number: +39 06 588861

This hotel is among the more modern places to stay in Trastevere and can be found toward the outer perimeter of the neighborhood, meaning you’ll have nicer quality accommodations than other hotels but will also have to walk a bit further to see the area’s various attractions. The rooms are decorated in a plain manner and have decent amenities, while the exterior is impressive because the hotel is situated inside a building that used to be a monastery and still boasts a well-maintained interior garden.

Hotel Ripa Roma
Address: Via degli Orti di Trastevere, 3, 00153 Rome
Telephone number: +39 06 58611

This hotel has clean, simple rooms decorated in plain white and black for a modern look that contrasts with the ancient neighborhood of Trastevere. It is a great place to stay for art lovers because the hotel has a small gallery featuring paintings and other creations by contemporary artists. Hotel Ripa Roma also has a gym, restaurant, and great in-room perks like Wi-Fi and satellite televisions.

Horti 14 Borgo Trastevere Hotel
Address: Via di S. Francesco di Sales, 14, 00165 Rome
Telephone number: +39 06 6880 6289

This is another hotel that’s far more modern than some of the others you might find when browsing for places to stay in Trastevere, although it’s situated toward the outskirts of the neighborhood. But this can be a welcome draw if you like privacy as the hotel is a little more hidden away than other venues. It also features a room for breakfast serving some great food to get your day started.

Relais Le Clarisse a Trastevere
Address: Via Cardinale Merry del Val, 20, 00153 Rome
Telephone number: +39 06 5833 4437

One of the best features of this hotel is its location, because the Relais Le Clarisse a Trastevere is situated nearby to one of the many tram stops in the area. This makes it a very convenient location not only for exploring Trastevere but also for visiting various other places in Rome. And the hotel is also an attractive place to stay, as it’s housed inside a building that used to be a convent. Once you’re inside the building you’ll see a beautiful courtyard garden and other interesting features.

  • Apartments for rent

If you’re more interested in a truly independent place to stay in Trastevere then you should consider booking an apartment for rent during your trip instead of a hotel. This will give you the experience of living like a local, stepping out to explore the area from a place owned by a true resident.

You can find many apartments for rent online with a simple internet search, or through major rental companies like Airbnb. However, if you consider using the latter you should note that some people who rent out their apartments sometimes are less than truthful about the location of their place. They will say it is located within Trastevere even when it is not. A good tip to remember is that if you see a reference to “Gianicolo” in the apartment details it is likely situated uphill of Trastevere.

Below are just three of the great choices for renting apartments in the neighborhood, and each of the options have their own particular perks like friendly owners or great amenities.

Mami’s Home Trastevere
Address: Piazza di Sant’Apollonia, 3, 00153 Rome
Telephone number: +39 335 715 6230

Although many of the old buildings in Trastevere are small and therefore have rooms that are not as large as a regular hotel room, this apartment boasts a total of three large bedrooms with huge windows that let in a lot of light. It’s also well decorated and is a wonderful place to stay if you’re traveling in a larger group of people, or simply want to pay more for a bigger space.

Suite del Vicolo Apartment
Address: Vicolo del Cedro, 25/B, 00153 Rome
Telephone number: +39 391 353 7757

When you stay at this apartment you will get the typical experience of a smaller building that has less space than you might expect staying at a modern hotel. However, the Suite del Vicolo Apartment is still a pleasant place to stay and is located very close to many of the top attractions in Trastevere. And the owners are incredibly pleasant and will help to make you stay as good as it can be.

San Francesco a Ripa Apartment
Address: Via San Francesco a Ripa, 93, 00153 Rome

This apartment is located in a part of Trastevere featuring a number of great places to eat and drink, including some of the highest-rated restaurants in the neighborhood. It is a one-bedroom venue that has the look of a private residence but that also features amenities you might expect from a typical hotel, including free Wi-Fi and bathroom products, as well as a kitchen. However, travelers with physical disabilities or other mobility restrictions should know that the apartment is on the second floor of a building and there is no elevator so you will have to walk up several steps to enter the apartment.

  • Bed and breakfasts

Yet another option for accommodation is Trastevere is staying at one of the many bed and breakfasts located throughout the neighborhood. These give you the chance to live with locals who will provide you a great meal in the morning while also offering affordable rooms. And the benefit of staying with owner of a home is that they can give you an insider’s advice on what to do in Trastevere.

Paola a Trastevere
Viale di Trastevere, 75, 00153 Rome
Telephone number:
+39 334 291 8592

The owner of this bed and breakfast keeps the rooms decorated in a simple manner without any clutter, giving it a more modern and spacious feel than other options. Rooms vary in sizes and price, and some of the larger rooms cost more but include features like great views or even a private patio. The venue is particularly known for the high quality of its food served at breakfast.

Tree Charme
Lungotevere Della Farnesina, Piazza Trilussa, 2, 00165 Rome
Telephone number:
+39 06 581 6320

This is a very picturesque bed and breakfast because it is situated on the river that runs through Trastevere. It also offers rooms that are far more modern than other bed and breakfast options, which can be cluttered with outdated furniture. The rooms at Tree Charme are large and well-appointed, and the location is also great because it’s close to many of the neighborhood’s top things to do.

Bed and Breakfast Trastevere 94
Address: Viale di Trastevere, 94, 00153 Rome
Telephone number: +39 345 084 7471

Yet another popular bed and breakfast venue in Trastevere, this place has more basic food offerings than other locations with a self-service breakfast, but the rooms can be of a somewhat higher quality. You’ll find free Wi-Fi throughout the building, as well modern air conditioning and bathrooms for your private use rather than shared facilities. Perhaps the greatest attraction of Bed and Breakfast Trastevere 94 is its proximity to a tram station, making it an easy starting point for exploring all Rome has to offer.

Where To Eat In Trastevere

As you’d expect from Italy, the food and drink in Trastevere is some of the best you can find in the country. Below are just a few of the many great options on offer.

La Fraschetta
Address: ia di S. Francesco a Ripa, 134, 00153 Rome
Telephone number: +39 06 581 6012

If you’re looking for authentic Italian pasta and pizza, this has to be on your to-do list. The food is served in huge portions with great ingredients but at affordable prices. It can be very busy at times, so it’s recommended to call ahead to make a reservation.

Vendita Libri, Cioccolata e Vino
Address: Vicolo de’ Cinque, 11A, 00153 Rome
Telephone number: +39 06 5830 1868

This hip and unusual spot blends a bar and café with a bookstore and a chocolate shop, for an eclectic mix that is laid back and popular with locals and tourists alike. It even features a piano where you can enjoy some tunes and dance while getting something to eat and drink.

La Tavernaccia
Address: Via Giovanni da Castel Bolognese, 63, 00153 Rome
Telephone number: +39 06 581 2792

This restaurant specializes in Roman cuisine, and many people visiting the city want to try this kind of food. Among the dishes that you can expect to find here are the famous pasta known as cacio e pepe, which is pasta served with pepper and cheese, as well as roast pig.

Almalu Trastevere
Address: Via della Scala, 77, 00153 Rome
Telephone number: +39 328 923 4381

Trastevere is known for having a fun nightlife, and this bar is no exception. It’s very popular throughout the year whether it’s with residents of people visiting. Despite its unpretentious and simple décor it serves up some incredibly thoughtful cocktails made by a great bar staff.