Taxi in Rome

How to Use a Taxi in Rome, Italy

Taxi Rank outside of Rome Termini Train Station
Taxi Rank outside of Rome Termini Train Station

If you’re traveling to Italy, you might be wondering how to take a taxi in Rome. There are a bunch of tips for taking taxis in Rome to and from the airport, using Uber in Rome, how to pay drivers and what you need to know about hailing a taxi.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting a taxi in Rome and everything else you need to know!

Finding a taxi in Rome

Taxis at Termini railway station at night
Taxis at Termini railway station at night

Getting a taxi’s attention in Rome is a little easier than in a city like Manhattan. Rome has convenient taxi “ranks” or signs posted throughout the city. It’s usually an orange sign that clearly says “TAXI.”

Typically taxis will be lined up, especially if you’re at a popular tourist destination or leaving the airport. They will make it easy for you to figure out which one to get in to and who is first in line.

If there aren’t taxis lined up, you might have to wait a bit for one to come. If you’re unable to wait, you can call a taxi by phone. The operator will give you the taxi’s ID number which you will find on the exterior of the vehicle

The most common numbers are

Chiama Taxi: 060609 

Radiotaxi:  06 3570.

Other numbers include +39 066645, +39 065551, +39 064994, +39 064157. If you are using a cell phone from another country, make sure to dial the country code for Italy first: +39 first.

Taxis usually arrive quickly so be sure you and your party are ready!

Cost of a taxi in Rome

  • Minimum fare on weekdays  from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. is 3
  • Minimun fare on public holidays form 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. is 4.5
  • Minimum fare at night is 6.5
  • Rate per km (Tarriff 1) is 1.50 € up to 11 €
  • Rate per km (Tarriff 2) is 1.30 € up to 13 €
  • Rate per km (tarrif 3) is 1.60 € until you reach your destination
  • Surcharge for telephone reservations: 3.50 €

It’s also important to know that there is a rate for extra baggage. Each passanger is allowed one suitcase. Each additional bag will be charged 1

From Rome Airport FCO you check prices by using our Rome Airport Taxi Calculator

Avoiding being swindled by a taxi in Rome

Some taxi drivers will try to take advantage of travelers in Rome. To avoid this, remember these few tips:

  • The cost to and from Fiumcino and Ciampino airports will always be 48 and 30, respectively. These prices are true for up to four passengers and one bag for each of them. Refuse to pay more if they try to charge you!
  • The rates from Termini rail station to the city centre will cost between 8 and 15
  • Choose a taxi that is easily identifiable as such and be sure you can see their identification number and phone number.
  • Don’t be afraid to write down the license plate in case you have any issues that you need to report.

Paying for a taxi in Rome

Taxis in Rome are required to have a point of sales machine. So, you should be safe to pay with a credit card unless you have American Express.

Pro tip: carry enough cash on you to pay for the fare in case the POS “isn’t working.”

Should you tip a taxi driver in Rome?

Yes and no. If you take a white metered taxi, it is not customary to tip. That being said, it never hurts! Rounding up to the next dollar is usually enough to be generous. However, if you’re taking a private car service to the airport, it is expected that you tip your driver.

Air conditioning in taxis

In Rome, taxi drivers tend to prefer open windows to air conditioning. This isn’t to say you can’t ask them to kindly roll up the windows and turn on the a/c!

If you’re taking a private car service, it’s more than likely your driver will already have the climate at a comfortable temperature for you.

If you want to ensure a car with air conditioning and a working POS, call 06 3570 and ask for “servizio gold.”

Taking a Taxi in Rome late at night or early in the morning

If you have an especially early light – like before the sun rises early – your hotel can easily call one for you. The taxi should arrive quickly in the expected time frame of 3-5 minutes.

If you aren’t staying at a hotel, finding the nearest taxi rank shouldn’t be too hard. If you don’t wait to wait in the dark, you can call a taxi yourself using one of the above numbers or schedule a private car service in advance. Using a private car service to the airport in Rome will be mor expensive than using a taxi service but it will also be more convenient!

Is there Uber in Rome?

Again, yes and no. There is not Uber in Rome in the typical fashion. You can’t get a regular car to drive you to and from place to place. Uber in Rome is reserved for limo drivers and fancy cars. The service is called UberBlack. If you want a larger vehicle to pick up your party from the airport or you’re on your way to a special celebration, UberBlack would be the way to go. Otherwise, you’re better off sticking to one of the conventional taxis in Rome.

Now that you know how to get around Rome in a taxi, you can explore the whole city to your heart’s content! Have fun!

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