Romantic ideas in Rome

Rome is one of the most romantic cities in the world. In fact, Valentine’s Day is a Roman holiday named after Saint Valentinus and the word ‘romantic’ itself is used to describe the city and those with similar characteristics.

That being said, there are so many romantic things to do in Rome. Whether you’re traveling here on your honeymoon, looking for a date idea in Rome or looking for the perfect place to propose, Rome offers options at every turn from intimate areas to breathtaking views.

View the St. Peter’s Basilica from the Passeggiata del Gelsomino

People in Rome usually view the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica from the St. Angelo Bridge. Taking your loved one on a romantic walk down the old Vatical Railway of Passeggiata del Gelsomino gives you both a new perspective of Rome’s gorgeous architecture. In the summertime, the pathway becomes lined with delicate, white jasmine flowers, adding to the romantic atmosphere.

View Piazza Navona from above

One of the best views of the gorgeous Piazza Navona is from the restaurant Terrazza Borromini. If you’re looking for a romantic dinner in Rome, this is a must! From their rooftop you can dine on delicious cuisine will sipping a pinot grigio and gaze upon the turquoise water flowing from the ornate fountains below.

Sip wine at Del Frate

One of the most romantic wine bars in Rome Del Frate is small, dark and incredibly intimate. You can get a glass of wine here before you walk about Vatican City or stay for a romantic dinner. This hidden gem in Rome looks like a library on the inside but in lieu of books, the walls are lined with wine!

Walk Vatican City

Walking Vatican City is a romantic thing to do in Rome both during the day and night. By day, tour the museums and see the Sistine Chapel. At night, Vatican City transforms into a dimly lit, romantic spot with some of the most beautiful architecture in the world. At night, Vatican City is much less crowded so it’s just you and your lover in the center of Christendom, surrounded by statues of 140 saints.

Toss a coin at Trevi Fountain

Tossing a coin to symbolize your love is a tradition in Rome. This is also a great alternative to the “love lock” tradition that you might have seen become popular. Locks have been cut off of bridges recently as they have been damaging the bridges’ infrastructure. At Trevi Fountain, it is tradition to toss one coin to return to Rome and three for your relationship to end in marriage. During the day the fountain is quite busy. To add a romantic touch to your date, stop by the fountain at night when the lights are aglow and there are fewer people.

Ride a horse-drawn carriage

A horse-drawn carriage ride is romantic in any city. It might make you feel like you are a member of a traditional royal family or on an important journey. In Rome, a carriage is an especially romantic date idea as you can see so much of the beautiful city in a short amount of time without being boxed in by the walls of a taxi or train.

Roman spa day

Forget a couple’s massage at a modern spa. Have a sensual date at a traditional, ancient-style Roman bath house. The 113-degree steam-filled room is lit with candles, perfect for your romantic night in Rome. After you sweat it out, your glistening bodies step into shower that precedes a luxurious soak in acquaMadre’s Hammam’s 82-degree pool. Afterward, try a nearby juice bar to hydrate your detoxed bodies.

Stroll through Villa Borghese

The gardens at Villa Borghese are quiet, intimate and relaxing. You may find a spot among the beautiful trails and foliage where you are completely alone. Finding a quiet respite from the bustling city of Rome might be just what you and your partner need for a romantic daytime date in Rome.

See Rome through a keyhole atop Aventine Hill

Aventine Hill is one of seven foothills in Rome. The neighborhood is a sight to see with manicured gardens, ancient ruins and beautiful groves. It’s the perfect romantic thing to do in Rome during the day. While you’re there, have a look for the keyhole in the towering hedges. It perfectly frames St. Peter’s dome! The sight is breathtaking and a perfect place to share with your lover.

Follow the footsteps of Caesar and Cleopatra

An iconic but controversial queen, Cleopatra lived Roman ruler, Julius Caesar. Together, they lived in the Horti Caesaris on the Janiculum Hill. It was here they they celebrated their love and professed their eternal dedication to each other. There is no better place to propose in Rome! If your relationship isn’t there yet, a great romantic thing to do in Rome is stroll the sloped of Janiciulum hill and admire the view.

A romantic night out in the shadow of the Colosseum

There’s a small neighborhood right near the Colosseum with some of the coolest bars in Rome. The area is perfect for a younger crowd with hip, happening spots. Here, you can find the Ice Club, a spot where they serve perfectly chilled cocktails in a 23-degree atmosphere. Attached to the Roma Hotel Luxus you can find one of Rome’s most romantic bars called Madre where you can dine sip wine underneath vines like a true Roman.

Stay in a romantic hotel

The best hotel for couples in Rome is hands down SuiteSistine For Lovers. This hotel is nestled between the Spanish Steps and Barberini. The rooms are perfectly designed for a romantic night for two. Some rooms have jacuzzies right next to the plush, round bed. Others have tons of exposed brick if you’re looking for a more rustic romantic feel or sleek white walls and chrome finishings for a clean and modern atmosphere.

Drinks at Hotel Minerva

This is one of the best rooftops in Rome to watch the sunset. Sharing a bottle of wine here or dining with your loved one is a great date idea in Rome. The dinners and wine here are in the pricier side so you might want to save this for a special occasion or a night that has the perfect amount of cloud for a breathtaking sunset.

Picnic on the Appian Way

A great thing to do in Rome during the day is stroll along the Appian Way. The cobblestone road is perhaps the most famous road in all of Rome! Pack a light lunch and hop on your bikes for the perfect romantic afternoon in Rome.

Cruise on the Tiber River

Another way to spend an afternoon in Rome is to take a relaxing cruise on the Tiber River. This is a great way to see a lot of Rome in a short amount of time. If you’d like, you can book a cruise in which you and your partner have dinner and drinks while listening to live music on the cruise! This is a great date idea for anyone who loves history, a good view, or each other.

Gelato at Giolitti

Sharing dessert can be one of the more romantic things to do in Rome. Located near Pantheon, Giolitti has been whipping up gelato for over 100 years. This spot is a local favorite and a must-stop for tourists. Did you even go to Italy if you didn’t have gelato at Giolitti?

Rent a Vespa

Riding on a Vespa around Rome with your flame is not only romantic but incredibly thrilling! You hold the driver close as they whip you through Rome’s narrow streets seeing sight after sight. It will be just like a scene from a movie! It would be impossible to see everything that Rome as to offer in a day but by renting a Vespa, you can really maximize your time spent in Rome.

There are truly so many reasons to visit Rome. From the incredible rooftop views to the breathtaking sunsets. The Roman bath houses and hotels designed with love in mind. The food! The wine! The dessert! There’s no place like it in the world and to sharing it with your partner will make you fall in love all over again.