Civitavecchia to Rome City
rome airport to cruise port civitavecchia.
rome airport to cruise port civitavecchia.

Civitavecchia to Rome

How To Get from Civitavecchia Cruise Port to Rome City

Civitavecchia Train Station
Civitavecchia Train Station

If you are embarking on a cruise that makes a stop in the Italian port of Civitavecchia, you may be considering taking a short trip southeast to visit the city center of Rome. Depending on the route you take, the trip from the port to Rome could be between 70 – 80 kilometers. When time is of the essence, it’s vital to find a travel option that is quick, efficient, and safe to help you enjoy the most of your time in Italy!

Your Options From Civitavecchia Port to Rome

There are several options to consider when planning your travel from Civitavecchia Port to Rome. Each has pros and cons, many depending on the time of year you travel, what day you are coming into town, and how long you are able to be in the area before you embark. If you are on a cruise that is making a short stop at the port, you may need to plan ahead to find the best option – including reserving and purchasing tickets. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most common travel options between Civitavecchia Port to Rome, and see which one fits your upcoming trip best!

Walking To Rome?

When you consider traveling abroad, you may consider trying to find the cheapest way to get from point A to B. However, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and at 70-80km between Civitavecchia  Port and Rome, you won’t get there in a day by hiking. 

Unless you are an avid ultra-marathon runner with a lot of time on your hands, (Hey, we won’t assume you aren’t!) we encourage you to consider the next best options: travel by car or by train. 

Option 1: Take a Taxi

Your first option at getting to Rome from Civitavecchia Port is by car. With Rome being only an hour and a half away, this method could certainly work if you have time to sit in traffic. Unfortunately, there are not many car options to travel from the port to Rome, and with the large numbers of passengers who all disembark from cruises at the same time, you may be out of luck finding an available taxi to give you a ride. Few will even agree to take you to the train station!

If you are set on finding a car to get you to Rome, consider planning ahead and reserving a shuttle car service to meet you when you arrive. Websites such as can help you schedule rides with approved car services that are authorized to meet you and your party at the ship, allowing you to skip the stress of dragging baggage through the crowds to the main cab and bus area – which is nearly 400 meters away from most ships!

At rates around 130 Euros, you can hire a car to take you and up to three others from the port directly to many popular places and hotels in Rome. However, be aware that as the baggage and party numbers rise, so will the price!

Option 2: Travel by Train

Your second option for travel is to hop on one of the several trains that travel between the port and Rome. Leaving on a regular basis, you can grab a ticket for a train for anywhere from 5 to 18 Euros – based on which train option you choose. You can easily find train options, speeds, stops, and reserve tickets on websites such as

There are two types of trains that you can choose from: a cheaper, commuter train that makes multiple stops, and a Frecciabianca or the Civitavecchia Express – fast trains that are typically direct. The choice between train options really depends on your timeline and what you want your trip to be like! While a Eurostar train can get you to Rome quickly, taking the time to go on a commuter train can save you money and show you popular tourist stops such as:

  • San Pietro, where you can visit the Vatican and grab a glimpse of Pope Francis
  • Ostiense, to see the famed Coliseum
  • Trastevere, one of Rome’s famous bohemian neighborhoods

The commuter trains leave more frequently than the faster, direct trains, so you will need to plan accordingly to save time when you arrive at the port. Another tip: look up where your train station is prior to arriving at the port, as many of them are a good walk away from where you disembark. The train station is four blocks from the main docks, which may be a ten-minute walk, depending on crowds and foot traffic. Don’t miss your train simply because you have to drag your bags nearly two kilometers!

The trains leave pretty regularly, and cost from 5-18 Euros one way, depending on the speed of the train. There are two types of train you can take from Civitavecchia to Rome: a commuter/regional train, or a fast train (Frecciabianca, which is a Eurostar train.)

To see the train schedules, go to the Trenitalia website.

If you take the train from Civitavecchia to Rome, note that you first have to get from where your ship docks to the end of the port. Depending on where you disembark, this could be a good 10-15 minute walk. There is also a free shuttle that will take you from the dock to the entry of the port, so use the shuttle to avoid this part of the walk, especially if you are hauling luggage.

From the port, the Civitavecchia train station is about 4 blocks away or about a 5-10 minutes’ walk. 

New for 2020- Check Out the Civitavecchia Express!

For those wishing to make the trip to Rome quickly from their cruise ship, consider hopping on the Civitavecchia Express! This non-stop train was built specifically for travelers coming to Rome from Civitavecchia Port and connects from the port to popular stations in Roma San Pietro and Roma Ostiense. The service runs four times each day during peak cruise season – April 1 to November 1 in 2020.

The Civitavecchia Express has guaranteed seating, so you don’t have to worry about not getting a seat on the next train. With the train running non-stop, you will reach Roma San Pietro station in about 40 minutes, and Roma Ostensia in just under an hour.

Pro Tip: These stations are not Rome city-center, so while this option is great for tourists looking to hope into Rome for a day trip, those who are staying in hotels in Rome may need to plan on finding a taxi or hopping on a bus to get to their final destination. 

The Civitavecchia Express is a great option for those wishing to see popular sites such as the Vatican or the Coliseum and have enough time to get back to their ship at the port. Times and tickets can be found online at Civitavecchia Portmobility.