10 Reasons Everyone Should Visit Rome

Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, a photographer or a sucker for beautiful architect and views, Rome has really got it all. The city is over 28 centuries old, rich in history and teeming with art and delicacies that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Otherwise known as the Eternal City, Rome is eternal in its offerings. And it truly would take that long to really see everything that Rome as to offer. Since none of us have that long, and most of us have an even shorter amount of time in Rome, while you’re here, do as the Roman’s do.

See iconic architecture

Rome is thousands of years old and somehow, has buildings that date back to the Roman Epire that are still standing. Architecture in Rome is one of the things that make this city so incredible. There are sordid storied behind every wall, pillar and ruin – especially at the Colosseum.

It’s incredible to gaze upon Rome’s architectural wonders and know that they were all created without the technologies that we have today. Romans were incredibly innovative and adaptive. They used new techniques, materials and designs to adjust to their rapidly changing society.

These alone are reason enough that every person should visit Rome:

  • The Pantheon – has the largest unsupported dome in the world
  • The Colosseum – world’s largest amphitheater
  • Via Appia Antica – an ancient road
  • The Forum – the site of Ancient Rome’s City Center
  • Palatine Hill – the center of seven hills in Rome, looking down on the Forum

Make a wish

Rome is home to the famous Trevi Fountain. Thousands of people visit every day from all over the world to gaze upon the fantastic statues at the fountain and make a wish.

According to romans, the proper was to make a wish with a coin at the Trevi fountain is to turn your back to the fountain and toss the coin with your right hand over your left shoulder. One coin to return to Rome; two coins to return to Rome and fall in love; three coins to return to Rome, fall in love and marry!

Because Rome has such an advanced aqueduct system, there are, in fact, many beautiful fountains scattered throughout Rome. Popes in the Renaissance and Baroque eras would compete to have the most breathtaking fountains, many of which are still functioning today.

Visit the Sistine Chapel

Painted by Michelangelo, the Sistine Chapel is known to be one of the greatest works of art in the world. The Sistine Chapel is located within the Apostolic Palace, the home of the Pope, and was named for Pope Sixtus IV. The paintings were restored at the end of the 15th century and remain the main attraction of Vatican City.

While you’re exploring Rome, you might find some of Michelangelo’s other pieces of artwork around the city. His sculptures of Christ the Redeemer and Moses are enough reason to visit Rome, themselves.

Wine & dine

Some people travel to Rome just to eat authentic Italian food while enjoying a delicious glass of wine. Italians are known to eat carbs all day and drink wine with every meal. What’s not to love? Italian restaurateurs cook with the freshest, locally sourced ingredients that will be delicious no matter what season you visit. Also, you can take your wine to-go! As long as your pour it into a plastic cup, that is.

A good tip to remember when looking for the best food in Rome is to steer clear of restaurants and bars that are neat tourist attractions. They tend to be traps for tourists – lower quality, overpacked and overpriced.

Perfect weather

Rome is blessed to enjoy wonderful weather year-round. In the winter months, you’ll more than likely need a light jacket and scarf – and another glass of wine! But throughout the rest of the year, temperatures are warm and weather is mild. The summertime is excellent for visiting the beaches just outside of Rome!

Speaking of, six of the best beaches near Rome are Anzio, Sperlonga, Gaeta, Santa Severa and Ostia.

Romance is in the air

People in Rome seem to move and live a little differently. La dolce vita – the good life – is how people live in Rome. Strolling the sun-soaked streets while eating fresh gelato and walking past structural wonders like the Trevi fountain and Spanish Steps will make you feel like you’re on a movie set! And rightfully so. Films are created in Rome all the time!

Romans have a unique ability to do everything with passion. They make the ordinary absolutely extraordinary and do all things with love and affection. After a long way of walking and travel, unwinding with a gelato and espresso handed to you with a warm smile will have you falling in love with Rome in no time.

Explore the diverse neighborhoods

Rome is comprised of dozens of small neighborhoods. Wherever you go, you get that small-town charm feeling even though you’re in one of the greatest cities of the world. One neighborhood in Rome, Trastevere, a medieval neighborhood across the Tiber River, is a bohemian neighborhood with dozens of hole-in-the-wall bars and shops. You can find great gifts here or pick up an antique Roman artifact.

Two of the most popular neighborhoods for university and abroad students are San Lorenzo and Pigneto.

San Lorenzo is said to be the most authentic neighborhood in Rome. This part of Rome is void of sophisticated wine bars and fancy restaurants but it has great nightlife and awesome pizza.Pigneto is known as Rome’s “alternative district.” This neighborhoos is teeming with interesting street art, funky bookstores and colorful houses. The coffeeshops around here specialize in latte art and are said to be some of the best coffee bars around.

There’s no hurry in Rome

A vacation to New York City, London or Tokyo is nice. But in Rome, life moves a little slower. People are more concerned with relaxation, enjoyment and leisure. There’s a time and place for work and stress and it is not when in Rome. Here, you’ll really enjoy your vacation and return home feeling rejuvenated.

People who live in Rome also understand the importance of a balanced work and personal life. Work doesn’t consume them or run their lives like it does in some cultures. Romans like to keep the spice in their life and forget about the structure that society tries to force them into. Last minute planning and spontaneity is how Romans like to do it.

Roman fashion

Even if fashion isn’t your forte, you’ll be stunned to see where so many incredible gowns and costumes were created. Valentino, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Bulgari… There are even incredible designers that sell streetwear tucked away in little shops around the city. You might find a piece that’s as valuable to you as Valentino is to anyone else!

You can also visit the Roman Baths, Fashion Museum to get a glimpse into how fashion in Rome has changed over the ages. The fashion museum has clothing that dates back to the Roman Empire and fashion as current as pieces that were designed in 2019.


Finally, for dessert, you have to have some authentic Italian gelato. There are possibly hundreds of different kinds of gelato that you can enjoy anywhere in Rome. The Italian take on ice cream might be reason enough to visit Rome itself!

The way that ice cream in America is made puts a ton of air into the frozen dessert. You run the risk of having up to 90% air content in your ice cream! In Italy, gelato is churned in a way that doesn’t allow it to fluff up as much. It also has more milk (rather than cream) and more sugar than traditional ice cream. All this combined with the slow churning process gives you a velvety smooth and creamy dessert that will have you comparing every ice cream to it until you visit Rome again.

Rome is called the Enchanted City for a reason. Every step you take takes you through a city that has withstood the test of time for thousands of years. It is one of the most romantic and visually appealing cities in the world! Not to mention the food, drink and history. Whether you’re visiting alone, with friends or sharing a romantic vacation with a loved one, Rome is a must-visit city.